Multi- Sensory Station Giveaway

undefinedWe are celebrating and we want you to celebrate with us. After six years of hard work designing and prototyping and redesigning and re-prototyping, we have a product like no other. Our first model is a portable multi-sensory station developed specifically for those with autism spectrum disorder to experience sensory interaction.

undefinedThere is no product like this that is developed specifically for ASD and is portable so that any room can be a sensory room. So we are celebrating getting our first shipment in and want you to benefit.

If you haven't already, go to our (The Giveaway has ended) Giveaway Page and enter your first and last name and email address, that's all it takes for a chance to win one of our first portable multi-sensory stations.

undefinedThe WaterPlay Sensory Station can be operated for hours using just 36 ounces of water. No more high water bills or the possibility of being burned simply because your child likes the touch of running water. We also added interactive LED lights that can be controlled by the user.

Come celebrate with us and help us spread the word so that everyone can have an affordable sensory experience.

Any room in your house can be a Sensory Room with the WaterPlay Sensory Station. Our first shipment of sensory stations will begin shipping to customers the end of October 2017.

undefinedWe would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this new way for those with ASD to experience sensory interaction! Just click on one of the Social share buttons below to help.


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