What Is The WaterPlay Sensory Station?

Water is a stress reliever for both children and adults and the WaterPlay Sensory Station is a uniquely designed “Sensory Station” that allows individuals to experience the sensory feeling of continuously moving water, similar to a faucet in a house hold sink.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

It eliminates three major problems with children using sinks in order to receive water sensory stimulation. You no longer need to be concerned that hot water will be used, leading to scalding or burns. There is no potential for accidentally flooding the house.  Finally, avoiding the high cost of water bills from continuous access to running water.

What Is Unique About The Design?

The design has a large basin, designed to allow an adult sized user to place both hands in the active area. It has an inline secured pump with no direct access by user. The water flow is sufficient to provide sensory response similar to the flow from a standard water faucet. Unit is easy to disassemble and be cleaned by the teacher or parent.

How Does It Work?

We use an in-line pump that recirculates the water from an internal reservoir.

How Big Is The WaterPlay Sensory Station?

The internal "basin" dimensions are 10” H x 15” W x 12” D, similar to common bathroom sink dimensions.

How Much Water Is Needed To Operate The System?

Approximately 32 ounces.

What Happens If Additional Water Is Added?

The reservoir tray will overflow onto the base of the system.  There are numerous drain holes in the base which will allow excess water to drain to the outside of the unit.  It is recommended that a drying matt or towel be used under the system to absorb excess water that may be added to unit while in operation.

What Happens If Water Is Removed While The Pump Is Operating?

The pump will continue to try and pump until the power is turned off.

How Do I Add Water To The Reservoir?

Just pour water into the basin and it will drain down into the reservoir.

What happens if water tray is not fully engaged and locked down?

There is a spring check valve assembly that may push the unit away from the pump and water will flow out into the base of the unit.

How Much Does The WaterPlay Sensory Station Weigh?

With water in the reservoir, the unit will weight approximately 9-12 lbs.

How Easy Is The System Able To Be Moved?

The unit has been designed to be able to be picked up, by placing your hands in the two openings at the base of the system.

How Do I Drain The System When I Am Done?

Simply turn off the power and unlock the reservoir tray.  Next slide the reservoir tray out, remove the splash lid and empty the water.

How Do I Clean The System?

The system can be thoroughly cleaned by first removing and cleaning the reservoir.  Then removing the top assembly, all internal surfaces can be wiped down using a kitchen towel or paper towels.  

How Often Do I Need To Thoroughly Clean The System?

It is recommended that the water be completely drained at the end of every day. For a thourough cleaning we recommend once a month. Removing the top assembly and wiping the surfaces with a disinfecting wipe, such as Lysol or Clorox. Cleaning of the connecting tubing is performed by running a vingar and water solution (50/50) through the system for 5 minutes, replace with clean water and begin to use.  Any time liquids other than water have been introduced to the reservoir, it is recommended that the system be opened and cleaned thoroughly.

What Happens If Particles Of Food Or Other Objects Go Into The Reservoir?

Again, the system should be opened and thoroughly cleaned.  Remove tray filter and clean in warm soapy water, rinse and return to unit.

Is The System Safe For My Child To Use?

WaterPlay Systems has worked to make the system safe for anyone to use. However we advise a parent or guardian ALWAYS be present while the unit has water in it and it is in use.

Is the pump quiet?

Yes, the patented pump is built specifically for this unit by Oase® the global leader in water gardening technology.

How are the lights controlled?

The LED lights are controlled by the supplied 24 key remote controller.  Lights can be turned "off" or "on".  When "on", you can choose a color of your choice you can also choose between different modes- fade, strobe, flash or smooth.  You also then have option of changing the speed of these modes with an up and down controller key.


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