The WaterPlay Sensory Station brings multi-sensory play into the home. The portable station provides a complete sensory immersion with continuous water flow, color-changing lights and sound via Bluetooth. The Sensory Station is uniquely designed as a “portable fountain” that allows individuals to experience the sensory feeling of continuously moving water, similar to a faucet in your house. Its unique design gives the station all the benefits, but without the major issues. The Sensory Station recirculates water allowing you to avoid a high water bill. You control the temperature of the water being placed in the tray which means no more risk of scalding hot water accidentally being used. If the station’s vent is ever covered the basin is large enough to not let water pool at a dangerous height and there is no risk of overflowing.

The station is powered by OASE® the global leader in creative water technology. Each station uses a pump to continuously circulate water, saving thousands of gallons of water annually with average use. How does it work? The water flows down the back of the angled basin, through the water vent and into the water tray. The water tray has a filter to prevent large particles from re-entering the pump flow and clogging the pump. The water is then pumped through the spout at the top of the unit and back into the basin, creating a soothing cascade of water. The water tray is removable which makes cleaning easy. Simply turn off the unit, unlock the tray, and clean.

Energy saving, low-voltage multi-color LED lights are built into the system. Watch as both the basin and the front of the unit light up when you choose from 16 pre-set colors. Play with light!  The sensory station remote also has 4 adjustable full color light transition options: flash, strobe, fade and smooth. Find your ideal mood lighting by changing the intensity of each option using the remote.

In addition to the soothing sounds of the cascading water, the Sensory Station allows you to incorporate your own sounds or music. Inside the unit is a built-in USB charging port for connecting a Bluetooth® Speaker (speaker and connecting cables not included). Place your speaker inside and listen as the sounds project out the front of the station.  

Explore touch, sight and sound with the WaterPlay Sensory Station. Place your hands through the smooth flow of the pouring water or get playful by splashing in the basin. Set the mood with 16 light color options or with the light transitions. Embrace the calming ambiance or add your own music with the help of the Bluetooth® connection port.

WaterPlay Systems in now part of the GeoGlobal Partners family of products.