Sensory Station

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  • Provides a complete sensory immersion with continuous water flow, color-changing lights, and sound.
  • Designed to help eliminate problems associated with using sinks for water sensory stimulation including high water bills, drowning, scalding from hot water, and overflowing.
  • The pump continuously circulates water, creating a soothing cascade of water. The transformer powering the entire system is UL listed. The entire system uses low voltage power for safe use and has a 6 ft. cord length.
  • Built-in energy saving, low-voltage multi-color LED lights and remote with 16 pre-set colors and 4 adjustable full-color light transition options.
  • Incorporate your own sounds or music with the built-in USB charging port for connecting a Bluetooth® Speaker (speaker and connecting cables not included).
  • Removable water tray with safety lock for quick and easy cleaning.
  • The system includes a filter pad to prevent any debris from clogging the pump.
  • Designed with safety locking mechanisms to limit access to inside the system
  • Includes assembled base unit with removable tray, LED light remote control, UL Listed low voltage transformer, and #5 Allen Wrench  

The WaterPlay Sensory Station provides a complete sensory immersion with touch, sight, and sound. Place your hands through the smooth flow of the pouring water. Play with light and find your ideal mood lighting with 16 light color options or with the adjustable light transitions. Excite the senses even more by including your own music with the help of the Bluetooth® connection port. Uniquely designed as a “portable fountain”, the Sensory Station provides individuals an experience similar to using a faucet, but without the major issues; including high water bills, drowning, scalding from hot water, and overflowing. The Sensory Station uses a minimum of 32 oz. of water - saving thousands of gallons of water annually with average use.

Users Manual

Product dimensions 19 x 21 x 13 in.
Item weight (without water) 12 lbs.
For Ages 4+
Batteries required 1 lithium-ion battery (included)
Power supply input 120V AC 60Hz
Power supply output 12V AC 1000mA
Internal USB Charging Connector 5V
Maximum Tray Capacity 40 oz.